Education has always been and will ever continue to be at the core of any country's development. Although education is a lifelong process of learning encompassing unlimited range of existing and imaginary things, the importance of primary and upper primary education can hardly be over-emphasized especially when we talk of formal education confined to the boundaries of an institution. It is at this stage starting from childhood and ending at late teen age that the firm foundation is laid for higher education, if persued. Moreover, and perhaps more importantly, it also shapes the over all personality of a student almost so very firmly that the scope and possibility for its changes in subsequent years remains limited. Vidyawati Nigam Memorial Public School (VNMPS) was established in year 2011 to perform the above role of school education in a student's life.

We have steadily strived to serve the community in the last six years. During this journey of these years, we have learnt a lot from the stake-holders and always tried to accommodate to their wishes.

At this point, I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all those who have trusted us. Although our growth and achievements have been encouraging, we still need to continuously improve for which we are truely committed. As regards those who want to entrust us for their wards in our campus, I am sure that their experience with us will be quite good. I heartily welcome all those at VNMPS and wish our students all round success, not only here but lifelong.